My name is Nick, I'm 20 years old. I live in New York. No, not the city. Long Island to be a bit more exact. I'm in a relationship with a rad girl named Justina. My blog is a lot of music related crap, Jeeps, cars, and whatever the hell else I feel like posting. Punk and hardcore is what I listen to. I drive a lifted Jeep and enjoy wheeling. I hate my job, the town i live in is meh at best. I spend my free time listening to loud music, driving places, working on mine and my friends car and well... I don't what else. Oh well. If you want to say hi you should do so. The '?' below is for 'asks,' the square is 'Fan Mail' I think.
  • Seriously. This is fucking stupid.

  • Oh wait no. I get it. I screwed up. sorry.

    it’s okay
    I fucked it up haha

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    Real life Quick Time Event

    snoop dogg is probably the fastest man alive but no cause has ever demanded the use of his full power

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    Take a ticket stub or plane ticket or whatever to kinkos, have them blow it up, print it on that fabric transfer stuff and make this pillow.

    Great for sentimental trips

    kinda sweet

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    For the month of October ‘til Halloween, my dad changes up the scene of these 2 skeletons on his front porch each day for the neighbors to check out. Very creative!

    Peaceful times before the skeleton war

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    I never get anons… Or any als for that matter anymore. Da fuck

    I meant to write asks*

  • what's an als? o.o

    Sometimes… I forget how to spell.
    I swear, if I didn’t have auto correct I’d seem like I’m illiterate.

  • I never get anons… Or any als for that matter anymore. Da fuck

    (Perfect loop. Just saying.)